The Mailing Co Guides to Awesomeness:

Make like a master mail marketing maverick

We spend hours reading academic studies (which is like reading toffee) so you get to look awesome. Steal our stuff for your next marketing powwow.


Data visualisations to power up your segmentation skills.

uk startups

One Year Ago Last Month

Examining the difference in new UK SMEs on a per sector basis between last month and the same month last year.

uk startups

Startups by age, sex & sector

Taking a little look at the difference in activity between sexes and ages when it comes to starting new businesses.

uk startups

New Business Births

Performance of last 90 days UK startup activity mapped onto equivalent period 12 months ago.

Sector Reports

Deep dives into specific sectors for your marketing research pleasure.

Food & Beverage Sector Report

Eatin’ & drinkin’ in the F&B sector. It’s a pretty big chunk of the startup action in the UK – 10% give or take – when you include takeaways, restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, caterers and related happiness.


Everything you wanted to know about direct mail lists, data and legals.

Direct Mail Targeting

Targeting your direct mail is a no brainer right? Maybe, Marketer. But you are ahead of the pack when you do.


Direct Mail Lists

Use the wrong list for the wrong thing and no end of clever headline writing will save you.


The fascinating worlds of persuasion, neuromarketing and behavioural psychology. Lots of science.


Font Psychology

Fonts are going to make some difference to your conversion rate, comprehension and compliance. Heed the science.

Marketing Postcards & CTAs

You’ve figured out whom to target. Your brand assets are all ready to go. You’ve got a great product or service to promote. You’re down



Trust me, I’m a stock photo of a man in a white coat holding a stethathingy.



We humans have brainwashed ourselves into giving when we receive. We give you this content, you give us business. See?



Fear of missing out is a big one for humans…


Keep & Open Rates

The surprising effects on open and keep rates for direct mail following tiny changes in letter and envelope design cues.


Tales of statistics and testing and general quanty type goodness.


Testing Direct Mail

Testing tests to learn what’s going on in your prospect’s brains, reduce risk and scale.


Direct Mail Maths

No two ways around it, if you want to play direct mail, you need some maths chops.


Down to earth stuff about paper and envelopes and stuff like that.

QR Codes

Don’t just be a square, be a QR with dots and branding.


Direct Mail Formats

From postcards to letters to bowling balls with faces painted on, you can send pretty much anything through the post.