The Mailing Co

Discover the new way to get Direct Mail In The Mix


We’re a startup.

We’ve got a client list to die for already, some great proprietary technology that we own and some brilliant supplier relationships.  Right now we work all hours from anywhere.  We fight to pull off the impossible and are driven by our own vision for bringing Direct Mail Print & Marketing into the modern age (tempered by our clients’ curious requirements).

It’s a blast. But it’s hard work. As we grow, we’re looking for people to join our team.

We’ve probably already met our first hires.  Every week we carve out some time to grab a coffee in London with new people, to explain what we’re about and start to build a relationship. Those folks are top of our hiring list.


We think Culture is everything. From Culture comes creativity. From creativity comes action.

We’re not interested in meeting people who want a job. We want to meet people who want to help create something bigger. People who take ownership (extreme ownership even) of their role. We want people who solve problems with style and then ask permission. We want people who jump on WhatsApp at all hours of the day and start their message “Whoaah! I just thought of something..”, even though nobody will reply at three in the morning.


  • You want to find out why we’re bananas enough to take on direct mail marketing
  • You have a hankering to invest yourself into a startup
  • You’re bananas enough to invest yourself into a startup
  • You can tell a good story on and off the pitch

It doesn’t matter if we don’t have an open role for you today. Chances are we’ll have one real soon.  The people we’ve got to know, trust and understand will be first in line for any hires, always.

SO – if you like what we’ve got going on and you’re salesmarketingdev or design led – find our CEO on LinkedIn and say hello.

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