Continuous, targeted, automated direct mail. It’s like PPC, but for post. Send one a year, send millions.  This isn’t yesterday’s post.

The Mailing Company


"Oh, it's direct mail?"
Not exactly ~

We index around 10,000 new business registrations on our database per week. You create Campaign Profiles for who to target. We continuously match, address, print and deliver your message.


Create continuous, automated direct mail campaigns that keep on runnin’ until you tell them to stop.

Target & Test

Target and optimise campaigns every step of the way to get the best results from your marketing spend.


With almost 3000 new businesses registered and indexed daily at the Mailing Co, there’s a lot to discover.

Let's Get Physical

Direct Mail.

Post. Your message, your images, your words, your design. Printed. A5 postcards, or A4 paper in envelopes.  The Mailing Co gives you dandy online tools to manage your offline campaigns just like you manage your online advertising.

When was the last time you read the emails in your Promotions tab? Try not opening a postcard sitting on your doormat. In fact, while we’re at it, stick that awesome postcard right there in your notebook to follow up on later. Scribble on it. Feel guilty every time you haven’t actioned it. Put it on the wall. Give it to your friend.

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