Every day, thousands of new startups make a list of things they must have. 

Get on that list.

From management consultants to micro brewers, the UK startup economy is boomin’. 201,566 new startups from the last 90 days alone are waiting for you to sell them that pen, Marketer.

Start Delivering Your Ads Offline To Startups

Our job is to get you in front of those startups when they’re ticking off their list of things to buy, join and evaluate. We have three continuous automated processes to do it – Prospector, Bedrock & Sector X – and everything starts here:

First, we clean

We fix the firehose of new companies on a daily basis and clean out the bad and ugly* to leave a gleaming golden core of hopefuls.

*Not literally, things like holding co’s, SPVs, bad addresses and other things our algorithm learns about.

Next, we match

New startups are continually matched against your campaigns as we scan for clues amongst the data, just like your PPC campaigns work.

Then, we send

When the time comes we print your campaign, pack it up and hand off to the delivery companies who magically make your ads appear physically in people’s hands.

And then we do it all again the next day.

You want to send hyper targeted campaigns in tiny or huge numbers to a specific audience, and you want to send on a daily or weekly basis.

You want to send to everyone in a specific industry nationwide (e.g. taxi drivers, management consultants, F&B etc)

You want to hit every startup every month alongside a limited number of other brands as a BEDROCK supplier.