Yes, it’s very targeted. Yes, it’s automated. Yes, it’s just like your online ads are being delivered offline and not like old school direct mail at all. Crazy.

Mega hyper super targeted automated direct mail to tiny segments, or giant swathes, of the UK startup economy.


In the last 90 days, 155,897 startups have sat down and made a list of what they need to buy and when. We give you an automated, scalable way to be part of their conversations and thinking at the critical points in their lifecycle. Whether you need to talk to one a year or half a million, PROSPECTOR gives you the tools to target, test and repeat to this profitable audience.

Why? Because every 10% of prospects you cut out of your list as irrelevant means you increase your response rate by 11.111% and decrease your cost per action by 10% (because the bad recipients would never have replied anyway).

Target Your Startups:

We wanted to get an experience for direct mail that matched our two decades of advertising online. Targeting is key to success and one of the easiest things to get right, if you have the tools. Some of our options include automated scan and target by industry, geography, keyword and director profiles:

By Industry

Include or exclude based on SIC codes individually or in groups.

By Geography

Geo target to pinpoint postcodes, areas or who regions. Include or exclude.

By People-ee

New directors, experienced ones, multiple directors, oldest, youngest etc.

By Keywordy

Keyword include or exclude – want restaurants but not pizza places? Then block pizzas. 

Why? Because the combination of hyper targeting and personalisation should be high on your agenda for testing response. Specific campaigns for tiny segments can be handled with ease; impossible to do without automation.

Cascade Campaigns

Each PROSPECTOR account handles unlimited cascading campaigns. Create one for taxi drivers in Manchester, a different one for those in Liverpool and another for the rest of the country and PROSPECTOR handles who should get what personalised campaign based on your cascading preferences.

Why? Two reasons: 1) automation means your campaigns will actually get done, continuously delivering your ads to your market. 2) if you know where a startup is in its lifecycle, you can time your offer and create multi step campaigns with ease. 

Time Your Approach

The Prospector uses our Time Triggers to schedule campaigns for continuous automated delivery. Deliver any number of campaigns at specific timed intervals past the trigger date in a set and forget style, mixing up the formats and A/B testing as you go.

Why? You wouldn’t believe how much bad data there is. We’ve sent countless pieces of post and taught our algorithms to intelligently reject recipients who would otherwise be undeliverable or a waste of time. Less waste = bigger ROI.

Avoid the Rubbish

In addition to filtering automatically against PAF, MPS and your own suppression lists (keywords, numbers, SIC, postcodes etc) our algorithm has been steadily analysing zillions of data points to continuously improve delivery rates. In fact, we now shave off around 20% of the data as unsafe. That makes for higher conversion rates and lower costs. Double whammy. 

For Marketers, PROSPECTOR is easy:

1: Analyse Audience

We work together to determine your audience based on what kind of startups you want to include or exclude from the mix. This will give us a pretty good idea on numbers and budget.

2: Create Campaigns

Audience(s) are broken down into micro campaigns as far as you need to go. Your design/copy is uploaded, A/B tests are set, personalisations added.

3: Repeat & Relax

Each day we find matches for your campaigns, we print, fulfil, post and deliver your message. You just sit back, optimise the campaigns and enjoy the analytics.