Startups by age, sex & sector

Startups by age, sex & sector
Taking a little look at the difference in activity between sexes and ages when it comes to starting new businesses.

This dandy squished pie chart (actually, it’s a Sunburst Chart) shows the directors with obviously male and female honorifics (i.e. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss), in relation to their age ranges and the most common types of businesses they start. These numbers reflect the number of individual directors in a sector rather than the number of businesses.

We thought it might be interesting to see which business types are popular with various age ranges, and if there was a difference between the sexes. Turns out we were right.

Click on any of the inner segments to zoom in (sex/age). Click on the centre circle to zoom out again.

Why This Is Important

If you are targeting specific niches, you would be wise to consider the demographic makeup thereof. Old will respond to different messages than young, male to female etc.

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