New Business Births

New Business Births
Performance of last 90 days UK startup activity mapped onto equivalent period 12 months ago.

Pink: Latest Period
Blue: Previous Period
T: Time… T is now, or this time last year; T-90 is 90 weekdays ago, or the equivalent last year.

It’s curious to compare two periods for startup activity. Only one of two things happens – either it’s incredibly boring as the numbers are so consistent, or something major happens (like worldwide quarantine, currently very visible in the data).

So, we’ve taken the last 90 weekdays and compared to the same 90 weekdays last year. Weekends are removed so everything should reasonably line up. Public holidays like Xmas will mess things up a little. Where the graph is pink registrations were higher in the recent period compared; where it’s blue, the previous period won.

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