Sector Strengths Over Time

Sector Strengths Over Time
Comparing the relative strengths of the big 15 SME startup sectors over time.

This rainbow shows the relative sizes of the top fifteen SIC codes over previous months. Hover over the graph to see various stats. Where lines get thinner (closer together) the percentage of that sector as part of the whole bucket shrunk (and vice versa).

Normalised, stacked area charts aren’t the greatest for visualising data as linear as relative sector sizes over time. BUT, what this (normally) shows is that in terms of percentage of the market, there’s a curious consistency from month to month. You can be fairly sure that management consultants will make up just over 10% of the market each month, and that takeaway food will hover around 5%.

Why this is important

… for the simple reason that it’s predictable. With takeaways, for example, we know the number will always be around 1000 new startups, give or take a few hundred. There should never be a sudden spike to 10,000. If you’re planning to sell a POS system, that’s the increase in size of your addressable universe month on month.

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