Set & Forget Direct Mail Campaigns

(Obviously don't forget about them completely)

You know how you tell any online advertising platform “this is who I want to target, here’s some money, keep showing my ad till it runs out?” Now you can do that in direct mail

Don't Sink

You could: open your 10,000-row spreadsheet on a Monday and figure out which 4 are, say, marine aquaculturists. Go back a couple of weeks and grab that list, then another couple of weeks and grab that one. Print different letters, 4 of each and sort out all the addresses and stamps. Post.

Won’t be long until you’re staring at the office goldfish. Especially if you wanted to send a different letter to the freshwater guys too.

How It Works

1: Set up Campaigns and Campaign Groups on the platform telling us who you want to target.

2: Upload designs and attach to your campaigns. Tell us which A/B design to send at what point in the target company’s lifecycle.

3: Switch on. Watch your campaign transmit continuously. Monitor results.  Adjust. Repeat.

The list updates continuously – about 3000 new businesses every weekday. No need to buy a big static list and scattergun it, it automatically grows with new business registrations every day. And every time a business starts up that matches your profile, they get your message posted through their door.

Every time we see a business matching your Campaign Target Profile, we send them your stuff.

Let's say you sell to Management Consultants:

Your Campaign Target Profile: Last week there were probably around 875 new management consultants starting up proper businesses (there’s normally about 3-4K/month).  But you only want the ones in London, so that drops us to about 169.  You specifically don’t want property management, so neg the keyword ‘property’ knocking out a couple and leaving 167. To control costs, you’ve set a budget of 50 mailing pieces per week.

And then… We automatically match those 167, minus any other settings like MPS blocking, multi-tenancy address filters and so on, print your campaign with any personalisations and post ’em**

**In case you’re wondering doing that on your own is totally possible.  But the time it would take to extract the relevant companies, format and clean the addresses, scan against MPS and so on is time better spent elsewhere.. and that’s before you start looking for a printer or printing it on your office machine and licking envelopes.

Sit Back. Measure Stuff

Just like AdWords / Facebook Ads / LinkedIn – create Campaign Targeting Profiles, switch them on and let them roll.  Wait for the response, measure, adjust, repeat.  No need to buy a great big list, print, post and wait three months like in the old days.  Automated, targeted direct mail.