Bad Spam, Bad

The Mailing Company provides automated direct mail for (post) modern marketing

Spam killed email. We should learn from those lessons and not let spam kill direct mail too.

Every time I get unaddressed door drop mail through the letterbox, it pains me. Not so much the local gutter cleaning guy trying to drum up a sale or two – we all gotta live.

I’m talking about the big brand super cheap leaflet drops that come from national pizza chains for 2 for 1 with 2L of coke, the pieces selling me something to do with windows, the charity envelopes with sad pictures.

These all tell me that you don’t care about me as a consumer. Your campaign isn’t smart, it’s just a huge scattergun running on the numbers.

Those campaigns work, don’t get me wrong. The marketers behind them are savvy and know their dashboards inside out. But so do the spammers sending out 20 million emails – it creates little value for the world other than the sender. The companies that send that mail have clever tech where you literally draw a circle on a map, upload a picture, choose how many doors you want to hit and press GO. That’s it. Beautiful geographic targeting, but not much finesse – your neighbour with 3 kids gets the same as you with none in spite of your wildly different purchasing behaviours.

At The Mailing Co we get that there’s a fine line to walk here – our clients send a lot of mail into the market. That’s why we created the systems that allow hyper-targeted direct mail automation.

Previously, most direct mail prospecting happened inside of the AdMail format – that means you have to send 4K minimum pieces of advertising mail into the market in exchange for a big discount. Most marketers would take the hit on accuracy in exchange for the savings on postage – after all, if you can send 4k for the price of 2k, who knows, you might pick up a few extra bits of business.

We don’t like that though and believe if your market is just one or two startups per month, you should have the tools to run automated, personalised and timely direct mail to just them – not them + 3998 other companies that might look like them through squinted eyes.

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