New Business Data

We index around 3000 new businesses per day.  It's a messy job, but the end result is fascinating.

New Business B2B Data Heaven

When you dig into our new business data, stories start to emerge.  

Our research tools let you see stats for startups across the whole of the UK, narrowed down by exact postcodes, regions, time, keywords and SIC codes. You can visually see an overview of how certain sectors overlap and the types of businesses falling into each sector.  

Every record is matched and reformatted against the Postcode Address File (PAF) and optionally the Mailing Preference Service. Our addressing is so good, we achieve a 99.7%+ read rate in the automated sorting systems (and regardless, we refund bounces if they get sent back to us).

After all the live data is pulled in and reformatted, we begin the process of overlaying more information on top and connecting to your automated direct mail campaigns.  

We do all the heavy lifting so that you can get on with managing your direct marketing channel.  Check out our City Stories like the one for Manchester here.