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Ask A Copywriter : Deborah Wroe

We quiz our favourite copywriter chums for their insight into writing for direct mail, in this case specifically – how to write a postcard for marketing. This time Deborah Wroe of Dead Good With Words gives us her educated take on copywriting for the classic A5 Postcard.

Q: You have a single A5 postcard and you need to fill it with copy so people respond. Go.

OK, well the less space there is the punchier the copy needs to be. There’s no room for waffle or expansive detail on an A5 postcard. I need to pick the main points I want to get across and nail them in short succinct sentences or bullet points. 

As with any copy I need to steer clear of buzzwords and jargon and use clear language. My goal is that the recipient knows exactly what I’m offering at a glance. Words, dead good words, and in the right order. 

They shouldn’t have to think about it too much. My words on the page should tell them why they should pick me for all their copywriting needs. I also need to make it clear how they can contact me. This might sound daft but there’s many a direct mail piece gone out without any contact details or with the wrong details – not on my watch though!

Anything else to add about writing copy for postcard marketing? 

I’d also make sure I brought in a designer to style it up. The words and images need to work together. Good words can get lost in a bad design and great design can be let down by poor words. Getting them both right is key to getting a good response rate. 

I’d play around with my call to action too. What action do I want the recipient to take when they get my postcard? Do I want them to call me? Sign up to my newsletter? Visit my website? I need to know what I want them to do, clearly convey that message, and finally, make it easy for them to do it. 

If I can get humour in there then I will do, and maybe a pun or too to make it stand out. 

Deborah Wroe

Deborah Wroe

Deborah has been writing copy in various marketing and communications roles since 1992. She has worked in very diverse sectors in varying sizes and types of organisation. Her last in house role prior to going freelance was at the Direct Marketing Association so she knows a fair bit about the importance and effectiveness of direct mail. She went freelance in 2010 after a brief stint living and working in Sydney. Since then she has written thousands of words for hundreds of organisations.

Find her at Dead Good With Words, email on or call on 0777 2232390

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