Direct Mail Targeting

Our UK Startup data includes around 3000 new business registrations per day (give or take). We make it useful by giving you loads of ways to slice and dice it for quite dandy direct mail targeting cleverness.

Target Like A Boss


“We want all new F&B businesses within 15 miles of SW1Y 5EA and also the North East, as long as they have at least 2 Directors, one of whom holds at least two Directorships elsewhere. Oh, and they can’t have ‘traditional’ in their name. And we don’t want anyone registered at their accountant’s office. We want to send Design X two weeks after they start, then A/B test Design Y/Z at four weeks.”

Your Map to Target Greatness

Every wrong person you address with your budget is a wasted opportunity to send to a correctly targeted one. 

That’s why we’re building so many tools to segment this new data in the best possible way for you. That way your automated direct mail can stay on autopilot.

  • Geography
  • SIC Codes
  • Directors
  • Director Experience
  • Keywords
  • Address Profile
  • Suppression Lists
Direct Mail Targeting by Geography


Every company in the database is geo-located on the map making geo-targeting easy.


Target companies within a radius of a specific postcode. You just want any F&B business opening within 10 miles of Leicester City Centre? Done.

Postcode Region

Get everyone in a specific postcode (e.g. SW)


Like the old TV marketing areas – large groups of postcodes representing the South East, North East, Anglia, Midlands etc.


Every company is given one or more SIC codes (out of about 700+).

We give you great research tools to discover the best codes for you to target (or block). You can group them into lists, target individually, stack them and broad match or exact match as you wish. 

SIC codes are an excellent place to begin as a foundation building block to then overlay more granular targeting on top.

Startups Analysed By Industry
Direct Mail Targeting by Director Profile


You might want to find brand new Directors who are most likely starting their first business. Or you might want to get to the companies that have at least one very experienced Director on.

If you’re personally addressing, then it’s possible you want to send to the youngest or oldest, prioritise females over males or vice versa and so on. Everything is designed to give you as much flexibility within the confines of the data as possible.


Of course, you don’t want everyone. So we need to be able to exclude too. Filter out businesses by full postcode (for super safe potential opted-out customer suppression), postcode area, keywords and SIC codes.

We can also exclude postcode areas and keywords on a campaign level too for a bit more granularity.

Target Suppression Lists


Multi-Tenancy Addresses

You can choose to include or exclude addresses that are most likely to be registration agents or accountants’ offices. 

Mailing Preference Service

Although this is B2B mail, you could be delivered to a private address. If your compliance department is so inclined, there’s a big switch to block possible MPS matches.


We run every address through the postcode address file. Gives you a much higher chance of delivery and the option to block anything that doesn’t match.

Address Profile Targeting
Time Based Targeting


/Step by step. Every business has different requirements at different stages of its lifecycle and responds to various offers sequenced in different ways.

The beauty of The Mailing Co is that you can send to a business at any stage in its lifecycle. Create Step One of your campaign to go out within days of them registering, Step Two to hit them up after three months. Get them just before their annual renewals will probably start to kick in at +48 weeks. Send them a series of promotions throughout the year, one per month. 

Set things up any way you choose for the offer and tests you want to run.